Monday, April 1, 2013

Whoa baby baby!

Well, I suppose it's about time I update the blog world on the haps in our world.

Although I kind of feel like Facebook has stolen the blog-world thunder. 

I never blog anymore because I post all relevant information on Facebook. And yet, there is so much more you can say on a blog. Plus, I know that at least Anna reads this (if she looks at it) and that makes it worth posting a little something every 6 months or so.

In case FB didn't make this point clear: I'm preggo. 21 weeks today, in fact. And we learned on Friday that we are having a baby girl. Yes, I'm about to learn just what my parents went through raising daughters... 

Back in December, when we discovered my pregnancy, I admit that I was hoping for a boy. 

Boys scare me less (in theory)-- mostly because I didn't have brothers, I know less about boys, and I know EXACTLY what it was like to grow up as a girl and with 2 sisters.

Girls are work. At least, the girls in my family were work. We've gotten better with age, or better able to hide the maintenance required...

But I do know more about girls! And my mom raised 3 and my Nanny raised one and helped raise the 3 of us, so they are fountains of useful information. 

Mostly, (whichever way it had gone) I'm excited for this baby and lots scared. Stephen and I had talked about kids and how we wanted them someday. And I am so glad that we waited several years before this girl came along. 

Now we talk and talk about our little girl and the ways she'll change our life and the stuff we'll need to get and how we wish we lived closer to our families. 

And we have to name her! Crazy. We have to decide the name she will live with for the rest of her life. There are the potential nicknames to consider, a middle name that fits with the first and last name, and all sorts of things. 

I've already eliminated any name that starts with C... Alliterative names are rarely cute.

And there are lots of names that neither Stephen or I like. It's finding ones that we both like that is a challenge...

We have to buy her a crib and make sure she has clothes, diapers, blankets...

She isn't born, she doesn't have a name, but she's already taken over our life. 

And I'm pretty sure Stephen and I couldn't be happier about it.

Our little girl will be loved.

I have spoken.