Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An apology of sorts

Let me just tell you:

It is kind of hard to be funny when life is boring.

Not that my life with Stephen isn't happy (cause you know he will read this :)


I love him, I love being with him.

But my job isn't very exciting.

And I still don't have very many friends who I could just call up to hang out.

So my witty side is becoming wilted.

At the beginning of May, I made a summer reading list for myself!

I've already read all the books (except 1 - Anna Karenina. So boring. And weird. And all about adultery. All things that are offensive to me)

I wanted to blog about the awesome weekend I spent with my friends (Anna, Emily and Kristin - You know who you are!!), but it already feels like so long ago and all the stories are of the "you-just-had-to-be-there" variety.

The best part about last week was when Stephen and I definitely (maybe?) decided that we aren't going to move, so we hung up a bunch of posters and got a few new ones.

I did a 1000 piece puzzle (with some assistance ((ok a lot of assistance)) from Stephen) and I glued it together and we're going to hang that up too... Someday.

But-- On Friday the 10th of June, my sista SARAH arrives!!! This will be the greatest thing (no offense to all the other things/people in my life, but I haven't seen my sister since January)!!

And then in July, Stephen and I are planning a trip to the KCMO area to see his family and some of our friends (Anna, Emily and Kristin I hope!)..

So maybe after these events, I'll have some funny to share.

My sista and friends will help water the witheredness of my wit and I'll come back with a blog post so epic your socks won't just fall off -- they'll melt!


I love socks.

I have spoken!