Saturday, July 10, 2010

Long-Distance Friendships

I'm going to make a confession...

Currently, I am juggling several long-distance friendships.

Are you shocked? Well, at least it's not several something elses worse!

I am happy to report, that, for the most part, it's working.

I have a weekly phone date with Emily Iler. We stay pretty updated with each others lives. We usually talk for over an hour and almost run out of things to say! In fact, a few times we've made up stories to entertain one another. Although, recently life has been more exciting. I love Emily and I am very VERY glad that we have been able to stay close friends.

Just this week I made plans for a second weekly phone date with Rachel Greene. :)
This just fills my heart with joy, because Rachel Greene is AWESOME! Truly. We talk about life and reminisce about college days and quote TV shows and movies to one another-- it's great fun. Up until last week, our chatting has been sporadic, but now that we have scheduled a weekly phone date, I am super duper happy!

I have (nearly) daily facebook conversations going with Kristin Edwards and Anna Robertson .
Kristin and I trade job searching woes, tell fascinating stories, and basically write really long posts which (I think) are an indication of how much we miss each other! We also have plans to visit and/or build an awesome castle.

Today I managed to secure a phone date with the above-said Anna! Let me tell you, folks, I am stoked. Yes, we facebook back and forth frequently, but it's not the same as phone talking. And apparently I've missed out on some good things in her life, so I'm excited to talk with her.

I talk several time a week with Sarah Lewis, and we've made plans to watch a few movies together (via phone)! I am excited for this. I think our watching a movie while on the phone together is a brilliant plan. Yes, I love Sarah Lewis bunches and I am glad that our friendship is solid even across the miles. Also, I hear she's planning to visit me! Can we say woo-hoo?

These long-distance friendships are doing well. They are thriving, one could say.

However, not all of my LDF's are solid:

I am slightly failing with my Mississippi friend Andrea Brown. We text infrequently and facebook more infrequently. It's sad, cause I love her tons. I resolve to do better.

Also, I am majorly failing with one Janna Laugherty. Aside from a few texts and facebook posts, I haven't really talked to this amazing woman (who was my maid of honor) since my wedding. This makes me feel very depressed. I miss her tons and tons. And I fully admit to failing her.

So, my blog friends, I am blogging this down so that I am held accountable: I am going to continue to make these LDF's a priority. These people are so amazing and I feel pretty blessed to have such good friends. To those of you with whom I am doing well, thank you! It's a much to your credit as it is to mine that we are keeping in touch well. And to those of you with whom I am failing, I'm so sorry. I want to do better and get back in good contact with you.

I loves my LDF's, but still... I slightly blame them for my lack of desire to make friends in Waco.
They are so awesome-- why would I want other friends?