Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm back!!! (For now)

I am a slacker.

You have been deprived of my awesome blog.

The truth: My creativity was swallowed by a giant sea monster.
--Not Nessie, she's gentle.

No, this monster is ugly. And mean. And a little bit sadistic.

His name, you ask?


Or maybe it's getting old-ness.

But lately, I feel a little purpose-less.

(that is a lot 0f-ess!)

Stephen has started his graduate program, which he seems to be enjoying so far.

It's a lot of reading, and he's gone a lot.

So I find myself at home, watching tv or playing on facebook to fill the hours.

What I need is other ways to fill my time, cause Fb is only fun for so long and I think I've watched everything we own on DVD at least 3 times.

So, here is my list of ways to fill my time:
(Please feel free to add to my list)

1. Get a library card- I used to read all the time. But lack of time and/or motivation has caused me to think I don't like reading anymore. This is false! I just need new material. Waco has 3 public libraries! And, now that Stephen has his Baylor ID, we can check stuff out from the Baylor libraries too!

2. Get a membership to The Center- One of the bigger churches here in town has a small fitness center. The memberships are pretty cheap for area ministers and their wives. They have a pool and a cardio floor. And some other stuff I'd probably never use, but I'd use those 2! So that could be good.

3. Make photo albums- I have a ton of pictures. Literally, I have a box full of pictures that weighs a ton. And then there are all the pictures on my computer that I can print out. Stephen and I have been talking about starting photo albums but, due to lack of time and funds, haven't yet. So now that I have some time and (thanks to Rush week at the bookstore) cash, this may be one of my projects!

4. Become culinarily creative again- It was once my dream to attend culinary school. And while I still enjoy cooking and baking, I just don't have much desire to be fancy in the kitchen. Till now-- with extra time and an extreme desire to do something, I can get new recipes and try new things! Plus I'm totally bored with all my usual dinner recipes.

5. Bucket list- I realize that there are some items on my bucket list that will be difficult for me to accomplish by myself, here in Waco (like riding on a cargo ship with Kristin Edwards- nearly impossible alone and in Waco), but I think there are a few things I can cross off the list. And maybe I'll add a few things to my Murtaugh list in the process (*see my Murtaugh list post from several months ago if you don't get this reference)

6. ??????

I am open to further suggestions. Or visits. Cause a visit from one of ya'll would definitely make me happier than anything on this list.

So, now, I'm going to get ready for bed. Cause I'm old and go to bed at 11pm.